Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Night Out

                                                  Top- Zara
                                                  Skirt - Topshop
                                                  Clutch Bag- New Look
                                                  Shoes- New Look
This is what I wore last night. After we went to Emily's we got a taxi into town and went into a club had a few drinks and danced away. Then we went into another club and Emily was drunk so I was looking after her all night ha. It is her 21st! I ended up coming home at half 5 this morning! I had a really good night! Its her party on Saturday so I'm looking forward to it. I tryed to do the galaxy effect on my nails but its my 1st attempt so its not really that good. Il try and get some pictures of last night from my friend and put them up.

Tuesdays Work Wear

                                                            Blazer- H&M
                                                            Top- Internacionale
                                                            Belt- New Look
                                                            Maxi Skirt- River Island

This is what I wore yesterday, I wore it with my brown brouges and my Mulberry bag. Work dragged because I was going on a night out and I was looking forward to it. So that made it worse! I just wanted to get out of work. I went home and got ready with a few drinks I then went to my friends house. It was Emilys 21st. So we decided to go to town.

Sunday Work Outfit

                                                            Necklace- Accessorize 
                                                            Top- New Look
                                                            Jeans- River Island
                                                            Shoes- Toms

My internet has been down on my laptop the past couple of days! Iv been working alot aswell! I wore this on Sunday for work was a mistake really becuase it is freezing in our shop, the air con is on full blast and it is freezing ha. Wish I would of at least worn a cardigan. Had a gorgoeus sunday dinner that my mum made and my Grandad came for dinner too. I also watched the Davinci Code, I like watching films on a Sunday.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Chunky Knit & Skinnys

                                                   T-shirt- H&M
                                                    Cardi- Tesco
                                                   Jeans- Dorothy Perkins
                                                   Shoes - Converse

For work yesterday I wore my favourite cardi and some skinny jeans. Work was so boring! Its going to be the same today :(. The weather is a bit dull today and I get so cold so quick. Im really excited for next week its my friends 21st and we are going out on Tuesday night and then its her party on saturday night. I really need to get cracking on my spanish outfit. Im going to have a coffie now and get ready for work!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Shopping Trip 2

                                                        Vest- Topshop
                                                        Poncho/Cardi- H&M
                                                        Belt - New Look
                                                        Jeans- Miss Selfridge
                                                        Boots- River Island
                                                        Bag- Mulberry

Last night I went to the Trafford Centre with my brother and my dad. I spent too much money! I got a dress from H&M, jeans from Dorothy Perkins, a shirt from Warehouse and a skirt from Topshop. Im going to stop spending now and save for birthdays and christmas and nights out haha. Iv got work later it always drags on a Thursday night no one ever comes in. Im deciding what to wear for work now with a cup of coffie.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shopping Trip 1

                                                        Shirt- Internacionale 
                                                        Belt- New Look
                                                        Jeans- River Island
                                                        Shoes- Toms
                                                        Bag - Dorothy Perkins

Today I went to the town centre with my friend Emily today. She is going to Leeds Festival this weekend so she wanted to get a few things. I ended up buying some shoes from New Look, a bag from Internacionale and a poncho/cardi from H&M. I love my new camera its ace! Its better than my other one. Later on I am off to the Trafford Centre for my shopping trip number 2 ha. I really need to save my money! I seen a nice shirt in Warehouse I liked so Ill get that and I want some black sliky shorts or just a black skirt. Im so tired but shopping will wake me up.

My Camera Is FINALLY Here!

My camera has finally arrived! It came yesterday and I have just been messing about with it since! I love using it.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Teal Blue

                                                     Earings- Evans
                                                     Necklace - Evans
                                                     Jacket- Internacionale
                                                     Top- Topshop
                                                     Trousers - Dorothy Perkins
                                                      Belt- New Look
                                                     Shoes- River Island
                                                     Bag- Mulberry

Today for work I wore this gorgeous blue coloured jacket. It brightened up my boring outfit. I need to get the angle right so i can put my camera on self time, instead of taking pictures in the mirror ha. Got a night in tonight becuase im tired. I will proberly go out tomorrow night with a couple of my friends. Going to have a pamper night and put a face mask on. Going to run a bath now.

70's Glam

                                                               Earings- Accsessorize
                                                               Necklace - Accsessorize
                                                               Shirt- River Island
                                                               Maxi Skirt & Belt- River Island
                                                               Shoes - River Island
                                                               Bag- Dorothy Perkins

This is what I wore for work yesterday, its kind of a 70's feel it needs some cat eye sunglasses and a floppy hat, or a felt hat. Im so fed up at the moment. Im trying to save my money fat chance of that ha. I took my acrylic nails off yesterday it hurt but I carnt stand it when they have air bubbles in them. Im going to get a manicure next week so it might make them stronger. Iv got work again today and I really dont want to go :(. Im still waiting for my new camera.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


My friend from work is having a 21st party and its a around the world theme so Im thinking about going as a spanish dancer. My family are from Spain so Iv got a chance to go as something to do with Spain :). So Im going to make my own dress and I wanted to design it first. Its kind of like gypsy style top to it the black will be either lace or frindging. It will have three tiers to the skirt to try and make it look full. It has to be polka dot material. I also need to get a rose for my hair and a fan. I carnt wait Im excited to make it.

Friday, 12 August 2011


Not really shown a good picture of my hair since I had it done. You can see that Iv had it dip dyed. Been really busy at the moment working alot. Im off at the weekend so its all good. Im waiting for my camera to come I hope it comes soon carnt wait to start flicking away. Been shopping aswell will show another time. Iv also got my nails done. Im having a coffie and getting ready for work.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

B Kelly

                                                           Earings - New Look
                                                           Vest- Topshop 
                                                           Cardi- H&M
                                                           Necklace- Evans
                                                           Jeans - Miss Selfidge
                                                           Shoes - Toms

Not really having a good day today i feel so down. Its my nans anniversary today :( she died a couple of years ago. I just miss her loads she was always there for me and i Love her loads.

I went to work today and i had to do the delivery so didnt really want to do that. Just want to have a bath and get in bed. Going to get my nails and eyebrows done tomorrow to try and cheer me up.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Look Dress

                                                       Jacket- New Look
                                                       Dress & Belt- New Look
                                                       Necklace- Evans
                                                       Ring- Topshop
                                                       Shoes- River Island
                                                       Bag- Dorothy Perkins

Today i have been to the Trafford Centre to look at cameras, and instead of the Canon EOS 1000D camera im getting the Canon EOS 1100D. I loved playing around with it in the shop but they didnt have any instock so i have ordered one from Amazon. It will come next week sometime. Now i am just chilling out watching tellie getting ready for my sunday dinner which smells delish! Iv got work tomorrow so joy for me! Has anybody got a digital camera and if so can you please give me some advise?