Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hi-Top Cross

1. Jacket - Asos
2. Top- Topshop
3. Necklace- Miss Selfridge
4. Jeans- Miss Selfridge 
5. Hi- Tops- River Island

I have just had a trip to the Trafford Centre. We went for some food and drinks then went round the shops. I was looking at watches I could get for my 21st. I like the Chanel ones. I like all the sporty trend along with the neon trend. But I need to save my money I am going to watch Kanye West and Jay Z in 11 days Im so excited :).

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Package :)

I got this package this morning. Its the hi-tops I ordered from River Island. I love them, the hidden heel is not that high and they are so comfy. I carn't wait to wear them. I am off to work today just don't feel like going. But it pays for my clothes :).

Summer Dress

Dress- New Look

Yesterday I went for a walk into town with my dad. We had a good chat. We had our dinner then we went round the shops. I bought this dress from New Look. Its a very girly summer dress. I love the detail on the back. I fancy some neon accessories to go with it. After I went town with my dad I went to a BBQ with my friends, we had lots of food and lots to drink. It was a good laugh then we all sat down and watched the movie 'Just Go With It'. It was really funny. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Last Night & Thursday Night

Last night I went out with two of the girls from work and one of their daughters. I had such a laugh. We went for some food at a chinese which was nice but I didnt really eat alot. Then we went into town for a few drinks and a boogie. I wore a top from Miss Selfridge, skirt from Topshop, bag from New Look and Shoes from Next. The last two pictures are from Thursday just went into the pub for a few drinks and then decided to go into town. I wore a necklace from Marks & Spencer, top from New Look, Skirt from H&M and shoes from Kurt Geiger.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hi Tops

1. Topshop £48.00
2. River Island £40.00

I really fancy a pair of hidden heeled hi tops. These are the only two that I have found that I liked. I like the River Island pair more, but they have sold out of the size I want :( might just have to wait till pay day on Friday to get a pair. But I really do want a pair. You can dress them up or down they are easy to wear and the heel isnt that high. 


I get paid on Friday and I can not wait. Iv saved quite a bit this month and I hated it. I need to spend it. So I have been looking on websites and fell in love with these pieces. I really like the ear cuffs at the minute. So might buy myself some of them. I need more jewellery I always buy clothes. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Still Feeling ill

I went to work yesterday and I felt so awful. I have a really bad cough it hurts. Im such a mard when Im ill :(. I didn't want to work so after I finnshed I went straight home to bed. I didn't even go out last night which put me in a little mood. I watched some DVDs and t.v. nothing exciting. So I'll be on the Beechams all day today ... joy. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I wish I got paid enough to buy things from Vivienne Westwoods :( so depressing! But the bags in there are just wonderful! We went into The Avenue were there is a bar underneath it and it is so nice. The lights were different colours. Then the restaurant bit was like nude I loved it.

Outfit for Manchester

1. Jacket - New Look
2. Jumpsuit- Miss Selfridge
3. Shoes- Zara
4. Ring- Topshop

Today I went to Manchester with my family for a meal. No reason at all we just fancied going somewere nice for lunch. We ended up going to Son Carlo and going into a few bars then shopping. I wore this jumpsuit which I love the pattern on it. I think its more of a winter jumpsuit than a summer one because of the shades of colours. I think nude colours go well with it. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Topshop and Zara Treats to Myself

1. Shorts- Topshop
2. Shoes - Zara
3. Top- Topshop 

I went to get my eyebrows done this morning and then decided to go to the Trafford Centre for something to do. Wasnt really planning on spending my money but oh well. I bought these beautiful shorts from Topshop they are gorgeous. Might wear them for my birthday. Even though it is in two month. I love the sparkly shoes from Zara :) just been looking for some nice flat shoes finally found some. This top is kind of like a dress but I will wear it with leggings or jeans :). I am off for some food and a catch up with two of my friends tonight so should be fun.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Booking a Holiday

 Trying to book a holiday for my Birthday :). Its so hard to try and find a cheap holiday for around July. Im going with my friend from work and we are going for a party partyyy. Planning on going to Spain. I have been quite a few times and know the place off by heart. I really hope I find a good deal. Need to go on a girly holiday.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Feeling Ill

I am really not feeling well at the minute. I think I have a cold. Such a shame. I have work in the morning and I really do not want to go. Not really done much this weekend. Worked on friday and then did some uni work. Yesterday I worked and then went out with Joanna and Scott we just went to the pub for some drinks and a chat. But today Im feeling so bad. Csi Sunday will cheer me up.

Friday, 11 May 2012


1. Purple - Marks and Spencers
2. Blue- Marks and Spencers
3. Orange- Natural Collection - Boots
4. Yellow- Rimmel - Boots
5. Pink- Barry M- Boots

I fancied a change from one nail colour so I decided to use five. One for each nail. I wanted candy colours they arnt bright but they are quite pale so they need a few coats. 

Todays Outfit

1. Earings- Accessorize 
2. Necklace- Evans
3. Top- Topshop
4. Jeans- New Look

I was in work today and this is what I wore. I always wear these jeans for work. Will need a change for tomorrow. I was so tired in work today. So came home and poured myself a glass of wine and Im going to start doing my summer project for uni. Which I am basing it on Egypt :) might be exciting.